How to Join WTKO

Becoming a Member

At the WTKO we constantly strive to improve our understanding of technique and how best to apply it in an intelligent way without losing the dynamic karate of the best Japanese. We do not get involved in politics because we are not trying to be the biggest organization in the world. We do, however, want to have very good relationships with our members based on sharing training and knowledge.

An important thing for us in the WTKO is to know what you hope to achieve as a member of the WTKO.

Here in the WTKO we are always happy to welcome serious Shotokan groups. We do need, however, a complete karate history from you and, if possible, a meeting together either here in New York or at one of the camps that I and/or the senior instructors attend around the world.

Richard Amos
WTKO Chief Instructor

Questions? Interested in joining? Please email us: