Upcoming Events

WTKO’s official seminars, camps, tournaments and other events are listed below. Please contact your instructor for more info on any of these events.

2020 WTKO US Events so far booked:

  • Feb 12 Sensei Stewart at Silicon Valley Karate in Palo Alto, CA
  • March 7-8 WTKO Winter Camp. The Hamptons, NY. Various instructors including Senseis Mullin & Amos
  • April 4-5 Sensei John Mullin Seminar. Nashville, TN (via Zoom)
  • May 17 WTKO USA Seminar (via Zoom), Senseis Mullin, Keeling & Stewart
  • May 31 WTKO USA Seminar (via Zoom), Senseis Grossheim, Pham and Turnbull
  • June 28 WTKO USA Seminar (via Zoom), Senseis Vetrano and Borda
  • July 12 Sensei Amos seminar: Unlocking the Heian Kata
  • October 4 WTKO USA Seminar (via Zoom) Senseis Turnbull & Stewart
  • November 13-15 WTKO USA National Camp (via Zoom) various instructors. More info here: http://www.wtkousa.org/2020/10/29/wtko-national-camp/