Upcoming Events

WTKO’s official seminars, camps, tournaments and other events are listed below:

2019 WTKO US & Select International Camps And Seminars:

  • March 2-3, WTKO Winter Camp, New York, NY. SOLD OUT.
  • March 8-10, WTKO West Coast Seminars with Sensei Amos, Palo Alto, CA. Details here
  • March 29, Sensei Keeling teaching at De Anza Shotokan Karate Club, Cupertino, CA
  • May 25-27, WTKO Southern California Memorial Day Weekend Camp, with Sensei Ubl. For WTKO members only.
  • June 30, Sensei Jeremiah & Lauren Hart teaching in Nashville, TN
  • August 1-4, WTKO International Camp, Gislaved, Sweden
  • Aug 11, Sensei Stewart teaching in Springfield, OH
  • Sep 28-29, Sensei Ubl teaching at WTKO Fall Camp in San Diego
  • Oct 5-6, Sensei Middleton teaching with Sensei Mullin in, Staten Island, NY
  • Nov 1-3, WTKO US National Camp, Nashville, TN

2020 Events:

  • End of July / beginning of August, WTKO International Camp, California, USA