WTKO Overview

The WTKO is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and advancement of Shotokan Karate.

The WTKO’s sole requirements are technical integrity and, preferably, a traditional Shotokan background. The WTKO does not dictate to athletes or countries which tournaments they can participate in.

The WTKO is an organization for groups and individuals that practice traditional Shotokan karate and wish to preserve the values and principals that exemplified the Shotokan of Nakayama sensei and his peers, and made Shotokan karate the pre-eminent karate style throughout the world. The WTKO offers an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and groups from around the world and being able to share information with various groups regardless of nationality.

The WTKO supports the activities of its affiliate and associate members around the world. The WTKO also conducts a multitude of high-level seminars, tournaments and instructor training programs.

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