WTKO USA National Camp 2018

We will be holding our 2nd annual WTKO USA National Camp in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 30 through December 2, 2018

Many classes will be packed into this 3-day weekend of training and discussion.

Instructors to include:
Sensei Richard Amos (WTKO Chief Instructor)
Sensei Jon Keeling (Director of WTKO US National Technical Committee)
Sensei John Turnbull
Sensei Zack Stewart
Sensei Lauren Hart
(several other senior instructors will be available if needed to teach due to high demand)

Reserve your space NOW.

Please note that this event is open to non-WTKO members as well but WTKO members receive discounted rates.

Registration form is here:
2018 National Camp Registration Form PDF

To complete your payment electronically, please send an email back to this address (WTKOUSA@gmail.com) and we will send you a PayPal invoice.  Information regarding paying by check is located in the registration information.